Project 2: Event Ad


  1. Description: Flier inviting others to participate in the fundraiser
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I wanted to use this photo because I felt like it embodied so well the natural wildlife that we want to preserve through this effort. I want others to think about the small and fragile animals of our environment when attending this event. It’s hard to look away from his eye and it’s kind of like he’s asking you to attend the fundraiser. I focused to the detail on proper alignment and spent a long time trying to find the best place for the date, time, and place, but finally thought I should leave the image alone and separate all the information to the bottom of the page, so the chipmunk’s head leads down to the words. Although the fonts are the same, the weight from the title and meeting information I felt balanced out the lighter body copy. I picked an off-white from the chipmunk’s coat to write the text, as I tested out a brighter white and found it to be somewhat distracting in contrast. I also put a subtle gradient on the text box so that it didn’t feel as contrasting to the mixture of natural colors found in the scanned image.
  3. Message: Come participate in the Natural Wildlife Preservation Fundraiser!
  4. Audience: All residents of Bentley who care for their own pets,know someone who has a pet, or who have a soft spot for nature’s inhabitants.
  5. Color scheme and color names: Analogous; Brick, Orange, Gold, Brown, White
  6. Top Thing Learned:  Correcting Pdi to maintain a quality image.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Adobe Casion Pro, Old Style
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Same: Adobe Casion Pro, Old Style
  9. Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: Image used from Natural Wildlife magazine, original sizing 8″ x 7.5″ Library Commons scanner.

Red – Power

Red: Powerful, Hardworking, Decisive, Forward-focused, Critical, Assertive, Responsible, Tactless… These are but a few of the traits held by those with a red core personality color.

Reds bring several gifts to society as our bridge builders and visionaries. It is through much of their focused determination that the world as a whole has grown so much over time in technological and societal advances. We need the red to lead, protect, defend, and speak up, even when it’s not pleasant to hear.

The red personality gives an honest reaction when approached with a conflict, and isn’t known for thinking twice before speaking, but rather shares openly his opinion regardless of how others may react.

Reds need respect, and it is very important that they are recognized for their accomplishments. Reds avoid showing vulnerability to maintain their reputation of power and control. They generally gain this reputation through the leadership or authoritative positions they generally work to attain.

Reds are generally not comfortable unless they are being productive. They are very action-oriented and need to achieve. In fact, red-red relationships are the most happening, goal-oriented relationships because both parties are focused on task-completion and achieving success.

Because the red needs to look good technically and display his authority, he is often thoughtless of others feelings. He would do well to think of the effect his actions and words have on others. For this reasons reds can often come off as rather intimidating people.

To improve his quality of life, a red personality should focus on the good others around him are also achieving, believing in their capabilities as well. He should remember to consider others before himself, and appreciate their accomplishments as well.

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Project 1: Flier

Liberty Taylor Indesign Flier


  • Description: Black and White Graduate Leadership Conference poster
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I put together several sketches of my layout first, before decidedly creating this one. I place the bars near the top and bottom with complimentary gradient to bring more balance and repetition to the flier. I focused on perfecting the alignment and bringing variety to the flier through the differentiating fonts and sizes.
  • Message: Come to the Graduate leadership conference for an educational seminar to become a greater leader in any employment opportunity.
  • Audience: College Graduates
  • Top Thing Learned: Gestalt
  • Title Font Name & Category: Bodoni 72 Small Caps 62 Point
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Applegothic, 12.15
  • Links to images used in this project:



The Color Code: A Personality Science

Hello everyone! My name is Liberty. I am a student at Brigham Young University – Idaho and I love studying communication. One major influence that guided me to study in the Communication department is my love for The Color Code, a personality theory created to understand our personal behaviors.

I was first introduced to this code during my second semester of college, when a friend thought it would be fun for me to take the test online. I noticed there was a $39.95 fee to get the “full analysis”, but thought I’d just take the free test anyway. Upon finishing my test, some sort of glitch gave me the full analysis anyway, and thus a passion was born!

I read everything provided in the analysis and searched the web to get my hands on all things Color Code. I even had my friends take the test to read through their results with them as well. I then found out Dr. Hartman had written a book and read that as well. Now I continue to love the Color Code and share it with my friends and family to help us understand each other and communicate better. Take your own test on his website, here!

Psychologist Taylor Hartman created this theory inspired to helping others better understand themselves and the way they interact with others to improve business skills, personal relationships, and overall quality of life, as he explains in his re-named and updated book, “The People Code: It’s All About Your Innate Motive.” I highly recommend his book if you are interested in seeing the world with a new set of eyes.

What is most intriguing to me about this theory is how differently I have come to see people, my relationships, and even myself through studying it. Through understanding why we each behave differently, we can better understand other’s behavior. This understanding is what sets Dr. Hartman’s theory apart from other personality theories: it revolves around our “core motives” as individuals, rather than basing understanding off of behavior alone.

There are four main colors Dr. Hartman uses to identify our motives. These are the four main motives and their representative colors:

Red – Power
White – Peace
Yellow – Fun
Blue – Intimacy

He has even put together a simple PDF explaining more details about each color here.

To really appreciate Dr. Hartman’s analysis one must recognize the differences between the colors and the role they play in completing our society. No color is better than another. All colors are capable of creating compatible relationships in the workplace, at home, or any other environment. Every personality has something valuable to offer. This is what makes The Color Code so exciting! My hopes as I continue explaining my experiences and understanding with this theory are that others can feel equally enlightened and excited, perhaps even feeling a greater sense of purpose from their own understanding of themselves.