Bannack: Portraits

Window Light

Strobe Light

Reflector Light

Natural Light

Strobe Light



I loved getting to work with people this week in shooting these portraits! I tried to implement what I have learned about aperture and shutter speed to get the right lighting. Sometimes I found I needed a reflector still, while other times indoors I needed to increase my ISO. I had a lot of fun and am learning so much!

1. Individual – Side Composition

This man walking through the courtyard was kind enough to stop, take off his sunglasses, and smile for a photo.

2. Individual – Head & Shoulders

Roommate Susie reads from the Book of Mormon-

3. Individual – Full Body

-as she lay relaxing on her back.

4. Group Activity

Friends Michaela and Abigail laugh as they do homework on the couch.

5. Group Posed

Friends Whitney and Harmony have a peculiar relationship!

6. Group Environmental

At Internship and Career Services, two co-workers complete their tasks at hand.

Edited photos:

For this photo I whitened the girl’s teeth, added a bright color to her lips, brightened her eyes, and did some minor skin smoothing and spot treatment.


For the photo of this boy, I changed the color of his shirt from a yellow plaid to a blue and orange plaid.


In this photo, my friend Lauren has a sunburn. I used the dodging tool in Lightroom and a green tint on my brush to counteract the redness in her skin. I then blended it together better with the skin-softening tool. As a result, I could almost completely mask her sunburn.


First I worked with my model without any reflector.

Then I took another photo using the silver reflector, bringing in lots of light!

I then used a white reflector to try a more gentle effect.

I found a perfect amount of light using the gold reflector and a bending technique.

Close Up and Personal

I loved my first experience shooting in macro! I found that there are so many things that are really beautiful when observed closely enough. I worked with the zoom manually until I found perfect clarity, moving closer to and from the subject until it was sharp. Some of these photos I took outside in the sunlight, while others I took indoors with a manual light. I did very little editing and loved the results!


Perspective of 12

I really wanted to find something dynamic enough to photograph for me to take 12 perspective shots and not be bored with the subject already. I had actually already done some shots of a mint blue ukelele using a camera I had a lot of difficulty with, when I came home with a new camera and saw my plush Sully from Monsters Inc. on my bed. I thought it would be interesting to treat him like my “12 Perspectives” model. I tried to get a balanced variety of up-close and distant shots and had a lot of fun with it!

Familiar as Strange: Mike

This morning, I passed Mike on my way out the door. He was there in the kitchen when I left for class.

I mean, he’s always there -when I come back home for lunch, or sometimes when I see my roommates cooking together. He tends to hang out in the kitchen you see.

You know what I really like about Mike? He’s a great pet! He’s dedicated. He’s been there for me through so much. Those long days where I finally get home and just want to crash on my bed – Mike is always there to welcome me as I walk through the door. Every time. Without fail.

He even likes to be there to help me when I heat my rice bag before I take it to bed with me. Mike likes it really warm.

Or if I’m making a cup of hot cocoa, Mike will never let me begin drinking until he’s taken a sip first. I like to think he wants to make sure it’s tasty before I drink it! He’s actually a very manageable pet. He’ll try almost any food without hesitation and he’s eaten almost all the same things I have! No particular diet required.

He just lights up when I feed him anything! It doesn’t have to be something I’m going to eat with him, although he does LOVE to share with me. Mike just absolutely loves to eat. He actually doesn’t do anything else now that I think of it… at all.

He’ll just beep at me once he’s done and sit there until I come back with more food! haha Other than that he’s actually very gentle and quiet. I suppose he’s shy.

He’s definitely not high maintenance, although he can be very messy when he eats. But he just needs to be cleaned up every once in a while and he’s fine!

Loving food isn’t the only thing Mike and I have in common. Girls – maybe you’ve noticed certain earrings make your ears itch. Or guys – some metal rings can make your fingers all itchy.

Well that’s because some of us are allergic to nickel, which is commonly found in cheap jewelry – the kind I buy.

Mike is also allergic to nickel. He’s actually allergic to all metal. I have to be very careful to keep it way from him or he’ll break out in a fit of sneezing!

But he really is so easy to care for, and so great! I think all of you would love to have a pet like Mike, wouldn’t you?

Well, you do have Mike. All of you. All of you have Mike.

In fact, Mike is the essential pet for any college student. That’s why all of your roommates love to hang out with him! He makes your popcorn on movie nights with friends; he fixes your hot pocket before you run to class.

Mike comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but he’s always Mike. He’s your microwave.

Depth – Deep & Shallow

I took the first photo outside and adjusted my aperture to be able to clarify as much as possible the background images. I wanted to create a balanced composition, so I had the white lines in the grass follow the rule of thirds, while keeping some items close to the camera and other items closer to show the universal clarity. In my second photo I worked with the pool balls for a while to find a composition I liked, and tried to keep things creative with the camera, angling it against the edge of the pool table.

Motion: Freeze & Blur

I took these photos in hopes of being creative and expressive while still implementing the ideas of motion capture. I used a low shutter speed for the blurred motion photos and a higher shuter speed for the freeze motion photos. Using Lightroom, I then edited the photos’ exposure, color, sharpness, etc. By clicking on the photos, their focal length, F/stop, shutter speed, and camera information is displayed.

Pinecone Juggle: Outside the Spori building, May 2, 2017

Face Kick: Spori Lawn, March 2, 2017

Wind Control: Campus, March 2, 2017

Face Punch: Spori Building, March 2, 2017

Special thanks to my friend Whitney for her participation in this shoot.

Photobook Design

I chose a simple layout that I thought would be easy to follow and capture the eye. I chose a sophisticated pink for the background and some other colors I put together in a theme, including a deep blue and green. I wanted to incorporate a little of everything in the photos so I used several different themed photos to bring together the idea of open photography. I used a serif and sans-serif font and a thin border around each image to increase contrast. All photos were used from