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Fine Art Print

This photo is one of my favorites from our Bannack excursion. It is an old Ford truck that lies at the edge of the city, as though it’s looking down the long street over all of the buildings along the road. To edit this photo, I increased the saturation, sharpened the image, added a faded black vignette around the edges, and used the dehaze effect.

Here is the original:

TWINFACE: A Composite Image

This is probably one of my uglier projects but I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, so I’m not too upset with the result.

I uploaded the two separate images after some editing in Lightroom and used my sister Cumorah’s face as a frame for adding Harmony’s features individually: her eyes, nose, and mouth. I did have to change the brightness in some areas to try to make the face pieces blend better. It proved quite difficult, but in the end I was able to make this happen:

If anything, this experience has just made me grateful that my twin sisters are beautiful with their own features!



Five Favorite

I had never even heard of a DSLR before entering this class, let alone used one, so gaining the experience I did taking these photos really “changed my perspective” (ha…ha) on photography and allowed me to feel like I could create something beautiful with the power of a camera. I have sorted through and picked my favorite 5 photos, here they are!


I loved getting to work with people this week in shooting these portraits! I tried to implement what I have learned about aperture and shutter speed to get the right lighting. Sometimes I found I needed a reflector still, while other times indoors I needed to increase my ISO. I had a lot of fun and am learning so much!

1. Individual – Side Composition

This man walking through the courtyard was kind enough to stop, take off his sunglasses, and smile for a photo.

2. Individual – Head & Shoulders

Roommate Susie reads from the Book of Mormon-

3. Individual – Full Body

-as she lay relaxing on her back.

4. Group Activity

Friends Michaela and Abigail laugh as they do homework on the couch.

5. Group Posed

Friends Whitney and Harmony have a peculiar relationship!

6. Group Environmental

At Internship and Career Services, two co-workers complete their tasks at hand.

Edited photos:

For this photo I whitened the girl’s teeth, added a bright color to her lips, brightened her eyes, and did some minor skin smoothing and spot treatment.


For the photo of this boy, I changed the color of his shirt from a yellow plaid to a blue and orange plaid.


In this photo, my friend Lauren has a sunburn. I used the dodging tool in Lightroom and a green tint on my brush to counteract the redness in her skin. I then blended it together better with the skin-softening tool. As a result, I could almost completely mask her sunburn.